1. Advanced machine

ELEMENTS DECORATION is now equipped with 4 high speed most advanced 3+5 automatic impregnation lines. Our capacity can up to 1300,000 pcs/month with superior quality,which will bring much more impregnated paper market coverage and make stronger productivity to Vietnam high-end impregnated paper field!

2. Stable and moisture-resistance raw material

Selected environment friendly raw materials(Selected the best raw base paper manufacturer --- Kingdecor, Huawon, and best water based printing ink),equipped with most advanced auto- gravure printing lines and melamine impregnation lines, with strict quality control system,our melamine impregnated paper is qualified with National Inspection Standard. The formaldehyde content is strictly controlled below 0.5mg/L for all E0 products, which is the highest international standard.which could assure the stability of impregnated paper under the high temperature and high moisture environment in Southeast zone,especially here in Vietnam.

Well-trained staff team

3. Well-trained staff team

Technical experts from China are about 10 years experienced in production control, monitoring, and quality test. 

Sourced from master, comprehensively improved team

4. Sourced from master, comprehensively improved team

Sourced from Spanish designing master, build a innovative R&D team with international vision, and continuously learn and discuss together with experienced experts from China, Germany, focused on decor paper printing, melamine impregnation, steel plate match, and try to supply the perfect solution of surfacing materials, strongly assure the design and development of our team. 

The support from the whole decor and furniture industry chain

5. The support from the whole decor and furniture industry chain

We have specialized in producing melamine impregnated paper for more than 10 years and have the whole decor and furniture industry chain resources to support you! So whether you need wood based boards or hot press machine supplier,or want to learn the press plate match、maintain or press skills,just contact us,we’ll help you well!